On the move

The silence on this site betrays that I was busy with other stuff for a while there. That something I alluded to in the shelf post came with an international move and all the in-between happenings. A sale, a rental, another rental, an almost rental, an almost purchase, … a dear mini friend figured out a way to help us survive the constant of change:

Standing at just 15 cm high, furnished with every imaginable room – including the all-important workshop – this mobile home on chicken legs for wading through any territory, solar-panel-powered wings for flying over the hurdles, a space observatory to guide us, and a stout merman to steer us through the trickiest waters was the perfect, most ‘moving’ and thoughtful gift in a time of high turbulence. Thank you Maisry, well overdue, our mobile home has a place of honor wherever we find ourselves.

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