Alien invasion of the jellyfish kind

When I first moved to the UK, I lived in Woking, home of H. G. Wells and the staging of his tripodic aliens. A fitting backdrop to my space job at the time, perhaps, but over the years it has also stoked the imagination of many a flying saucer and other-worldly musings.

Now what if those legs were actually invertebrate tentacles? Would that make the alien akin to our very own jellyfish? I wonder…

Species: Jellyfish Alias Spacecraftus

Dome: recycled lens from an old large-screen internal projection TV
Martian: resin handle of a chisel (Martians are yellow, not green, clearly)
Saucer: Jatoba, Maple and Purpleheart
Rocket motor: Purpleheart
Legs: Walnut, Lacewood and Brass

Standing upright ~16″ (40 cm) tall



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