Wood be organized

glued and clamped A rummage through the box of larger wood pieces, a selection of colours, plywood caps, judicious glue, and all the clamps I could find!

on the latheOne day later, and the glue has set, the clamps removed, and here we have a single turning blank. The plywood ends allow me to hold it safely on the lathe, while not wasting any of the hardwood.

rounded offA few revolutions and chisel-slicings later, and here is the main shape in laminated wood sections. About 85 mm, (3.5″) diameter, spot the purpleheart. The rings are burned in with a piece of steel wire, pressing while the wood turns until it starts to smoke.

spinning and sanding  Spinning up again for some sanding, starting rough at 100 grit, ending at 600.

shine added Some liquid polish to bring out the colour and shine of the wood.

all organizedThe blank has been cut into two equal pieces, and lots of holes of various diameters drilled into it to accommodate needlework or writing implements, even a slot for the ruler, and a magnet to keep needles safe.

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