“Four turned napkin rings!”

Napkin rings

That was the challenge issued from the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild for November. Such challenges are never to be taken lightly, they are, after all, proclaimed by the Guild’s President. Four turned napkin rings, here we go.

First of all, off to find silk fine enough for the micro napkins. Next, choose a wood with long fibres that lends itself to hollowing out the centre out of the napkin rings without breaking. I typically use birch for this scale (1:48), which is even strong enough for the plywood used to build aeroplanes.

Finally, a suitable surround to show off the rings: a candelabra dinner setting for four! The other wood I used (for the plates and wine bottle) is purpleheart. The table frame and top are built up of strips of quartersawn cherry, the legs are turned from birch.

Eet smakelijk!


  1. I think it would be even more helpful if you put a regular item beside your models to indicate the scale so that people could really appreciate how small these models really are.

  2. Indeed, a scale item would have made it clearer. This one now has a dome mounted over it to keep it safe, which makes it difficult to put something close to it. I must do better next time, and remember to take the picture before gluing the dome in place.

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