Miniature cameras rolling


One day, Kelvin called from OhMore TV, a Richmond, BC (Canada) station that specializes in short documentaries about unusual subjects. Having seen my talk at Interesting Vancouver, he was interested in seeing miniature woodturning in action.

After some alignment of diaries, Kelvin found a local crew, Satellite Films, to shoot the footage over what ended up being an entire weekend of staging and turning! I had recently relocated, so many of my tools and minis were still wrapped up safely in shipping boxes. So while the crew set up the house full of lights and erected rails to roll the moving cameras, I set about unwrapping any little treasures I could find.

Director and cameras, microphones and rearrangement of the lights, we were finally ready for action. It still amazes me how much time goes into every segment of a seamless, 4-minute documentary. Each 5-second action piece easily took 20 minutes to set up and take (never mind the retakes).

Members of the local woodturning club came round to join in the fun, with a hands-on class in miniature woodturning as well as a chance to be interviewed for the documentary.

With the cameras rolling, I made the little chess king on my nano-lathe (below). And back in Vancouver, the little 1/144-scale movie camera (above) wound its way to OhMore TV by way of special thanks.

Click for the OhMore Story documentary, “This Guy Can Make A ‘Downsizing’ World”


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