Ray, Roger and Martian

A few weeks back I scaled up my handturning to a “real” size, steampunk, lemon-squeezer which I shared here and on Instagram. The subsequent challenges have ranged from adding a motor to take the twist out of squeezing to disproving the theory that it’s really a shrinking raygun set to 1/144!

Well, things came to a head yesterday when I was presented with this raygun-touting, prima-ballerina-lookalike Marvin the Martian:

Roger_Marvin the Martian cartoon_2Mar2014

Gauntlet duly taken up, look closely – here’s your vacuum-cleaning skirt and brush-helmet alien replicating 1/12-scale rayguns from the PEZ rocket, Roger!

PEZ Marvin the Martian raygun_20150304
Not to be outdone, Roger exchanged one rocket with another, but in the process put me on a mini pedestal 🙂

Roger_Marvin the Martian rocket cartoon_2Mar2014



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