Big wood, little wood

Last month I was invited to give a talk to the Northwest Washington Woodturners, who meet regularly in an aptly log-built park lodge in Mount Vernon, Washington. It’s not so difficult to pack up my entire workshop of nano-lathe, tools and samples when I’m demonstrating nano-turning; it’s the equipment used to share it with the audience that takes up all the space!

In this case a call had gone out within the group and someone had brought along a computerized stereo microscope, allowing me to see my nano-turnings in previously invisible detail. Another member of the group used his brand new Panasonic video camera in extreme close-up to transmit the demonstration to the audience via a projector and large screen. He held steady for a good 15 minutes as I turned an ebony chess king to show the nano-lathe and micro tools in action.

For pictures and a very nice write-up of the presentation with a fully-labelled diagram of the nano-lathe and technical descriptions see the September newsletter on the NWWT website.

No trip to Washington State is complete without Mount Baker, our neighbourly volcano that beckons from the south west, looming ever larger. We took the opportunity to catch up with an old friend who lives, quite literally, in the shadow of the Mount Baker mountain range, and together we enjoyed some lovely hours reminiscing and taking in the sights of Mount Shuksan reflected in a mirror lake, ancient trees that are several billion times larger than my nanoturnings, and waterfalls that even at the end of a dry summer put up a spectacle.

mirror mountain wood man cascading rapids

From little to large, all woods lead to good things.


  1. Dat moet een genoeglijke bijeenkomst zijn geweest met al die hout-draaier-fanaten. In het krantje staat ook een leuk verslag. Nu nog iets doen aan je nederlands-accent, of nee, hou het zo anders val je niet meer op tussen al die knauwers

    1. Ja, het was inderdaad leuk, zo een lezing geven over iets dat veel mensen nog nooit gezien hebben. En binnenkort een paar zaterdagen miniatuurdraailes geven.

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