A day at the Chess Museum

Chess King

The Chess-Museum in Portugal is an on-line collection of all things chess. They recently covered Nanotray’s micro chess pieces, which prompted me to take my mini turnings back to the drawing, er chess board.

And out came the ebony King, a full 400-micron in diameter, shown here standing toe-to-toe with our patient model-on-a-penny, Lincoln.

Although I was not planning to turn another full set, a chess enthusiast might be able to twist my arm to create a unique jewellery piece or two.


  1. O Wow, that’s incredible. The funny thing is I can relate to how detailed it is and how much effort it must have taken because tonight I’m finishing a miniature chess set myself. Only one Queen left to turn. It’s in 1 to 12 scale but even that was a neat challenge. Making a whole set in the size of your King (1:144?) is indeed no joke. Chapeau!

    1. Ja, ik heb enige tijd geleden ook een compleet spel gemaakt in 1/144, dat was ongeveer 3 mm (1/8″) vierkant, met de stukjes zo’n 0.35 mm diameter. Dat duurde wel een tijdje om het te maken en allemaal op zijn plaats te zetten.
      Looking forward to your chess pieces.

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