Lincoln was a woodworker

Lincolns nanomallet

This photo is a close-up of a US penny. The image is of the Lincoln Memorial with the President sitting, holding what appears to be a mallet.

With all the recent talk of miniature models and woodworking tools, I wondered if I could turn something small enough for him to handle. So this really, really small version of a mallet is about as thick as a human hair. The nano mallet is turned very carefully out of ebony wood and has a diameter of approximately 0.07 mm, that is well under three-thousands of an inch.

In case you don’t have a US penny to hand, here’s another way to view and think about the wee mallet:

Licolns mallet on finger

No, it is not a slice of smoked salmon! It is the tip of my finger, and all 70 microns diameter of the mallet pretty much disappear between the ridges. After taking the picture I lifted it off with clear tape, and it is now safely stuck to a piece of cardboard.

See it for yourself? Leave a comment and convince me to mail it to you…


  1. Gezichtsbedrog is bedrog, maar wel leuk bedrog. En vooral dat miniwerk..
    Gezellig dat je ons laat meegenieten.

  2. Convince me…. Mijn brein probeert zich voor te stellen hoe je het hebt gemaakt. Alleen al de vezels van ebbenhout zijn bijna even groot?!?

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