Hand-turned tools

Mallet and chisel

These tools are made of lignum-vitae. That is one of the heaviest and densest types of wood around. The weight makes it good for mallets. The mallet above was turned then just sanded smooth, no polish needed, as the wax from the wood itself makes it shine like that. The advantage of making your own tools is that they are unique, and the handles can be shaped just right for your hands.

Of course, there is a little catch.

You might have noticed the strange background on which the mallet and chisel are lying. Look again – that’s my fingertip! The head of the mallet is about 1.5 mm diameter, a bit small for real use sadly, but with the chisel tip ground from 0.4 mm spring steel wire, and sharpened with a fine grindstone, both tools are fully functional. The scale is 1:48, which is the scale used for many ship models. Perfect for a mini shipwright’s toolbox.

Recently I made a miniature fid from lignum-vitae for a friend’s model ship. Anything you can think of that I could add to your miniature collection or model ship?


  1. Too bad I don’t have a ship, but that’s no excuse. Who doesn’t want a good set of tools? Small or big? They look pretty impressive! Good job!!

  2. Wow, you sure amaze me with all you make. Would love to have tools for a miniature workshop! Scissors, tweezers, x-acto knife, dremel, etc. etc. !

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