Three-Axis Turning


Multi-axis offset turning is more difficult than it seems, but it can produce more natural flowing lines. The sculpture shown was made entirely on the lathe, turned along three different rotational axes. It interprets the poster for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and brings Audrey Hepburn to life in solid Hemlock wood.


  1. Ik probeer me een voorstelling te maken van de opvolgende stappen. Ziet er spannend uit.
    Audrey Hepburn wordt beschouwd als de mooiste vrouw van de 20ste eeuw. Maar mogen we ook een verzoekje indienen? Jane Mansfield? Mae West?
    En dan in hun mermaid dress.
    Blijf ons verbazen!

    1. I just knew Audrey was hiding in that piece of wood, so I had to release her. Now I would have to find a piece of wood with Jane or Mae in it. I will keep looking.


  2. I love the blending, shaping and scultping of (wo)man and medium.

    Makes us question what substance lies beneath our shape?

    You have your own Big Bang Theory occurring in your workshop. It seems with each successive project your artistic abilities expand.

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