Wee(kend) cabin

Time for a mini getaway?

First, pack your bag or suitcase:

Find just the right-sized bed for the night:

Come in and warm yourself by the stove:

Take a look around, make yourself at home:

As the daylight wains, illuminate your evening meal:


1/144 scale cabin created during the COVID-19 lockdown. Dreaming of a place far, far away, with all the amenities to decompress, I thought, if you can’t travel during lockdown, then let’s bring that cozy cabin feeling home! Shown against a penny or on a fingertip for scale, these are some of the mini furnishings in more detail:



  1. Bev tiny turnings This guy demoed at our club about three years ago. Out of this world small! Play around on his email and find all the parts of this cabin! Love, Bob

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Bob. These long days of lockdown have some positive side effects in luring me back to the mini lathe!

    1. How about a swap?! Would love nothing more than looking over the ocean from your cabin right now. Great to hear from you, Jan.

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