Since I saw the first sketch of this radar satellite many years ago, I have been creating desk-doubles ranging from detailed wooden models to build-your-own model kits, trophies and – since this weekend – a functional lamp.

RCM radar satellite LED light desklamp
Here, instead of the main antenna panel containing radar equipment, it houses a strip of Lee Valley LED lights, powered by a 12V power supply from an obsolete and discarded piece of electronics. The scale of the model compared to its real-size counterpart is about 1:30, the scale selection driven by sound space engineering practice: it had to fit the left-over LED strip I had lying around!


  1. Hi there! I absolutely adore this – is there any chance I can purchase it from you, or have you build another one that I could purchase? Please let me know – I am working alongside the RCM Project and this would be a great item for my desk.

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