Harping on

Three-legged stool by Maarten Meerman Max Nanotray

This three-legged birch stool in 1/144-scale has handturned legs tenoned into the seat base. A silk cushion is secured on the stool to make for a comfortable seat.

With all those silk threads hanging around, I was inspired to take things a little further. A whole ~47 strings further, in fact, for a grand concert harp:

Harp 1:144

Next I’ll be working on the display stand, but first I have to find just the right glass dome to keep the mini instruments from harm. I’m waiting for the local glass artist to try his hand at a few mini domes. Come see the finished piece at this year’s Positively Petite miniature art exhibit, at Place des Arts this November and December.



    1. Thanks, it’s my favourite scale. I see you’re making a complete music room, looking forward to the instruments going into it.

  1. Het is of ik de muziek van de harp kan horen. Wat een schoonheid. Ik kan het voetpedaal op de harp niet zien. Toch niet vergeten?
    Glazen stolpen voor de modellen. Dat zou mooi zijn!

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