A grand plan

grand strings of a grand piano in the making by Maarten Meerman Max[ 2pm ]

Fall is the time for longer evenings and home entertainment. What better than a grand piano for the changing seasons? I’ve started the sound board, and just finished the strings.

Soon I hope to have further progress to show. Back to the workshop for the rest of the 1:144 scale woodwork.

pinning the frame of a grand piano in the making by Maarten Meerman Max

[ 4pm ]

Progress has progressed, the main section is starting to take shape. I finished the string section with the support bars, and then soaked a 3mm-wide strip to make it bendy for the outside shape of the piano. Being wet it will take a while for the glue to set and fix it all in place, hence the colourful balloon spectacle, courtesy of a few sewing pins.

bottoms up of a grand piano in the making by Maarten Meerman Max

[ 8pm ]

The evening is now underway, and the base of the grand is shaping up. Three pedals to add additional sound effects, and a few strengthening bars to keep the strings in tune. The legs have round tenons, which fit into drilled holes in the supports to keep it all stable.

Inside the case of a grand piano in the making by Maarten Meerman Max

[ 9pm ]

The keys added, and a last look in the case before the lid is added

Grand piano to scale by Maarten Meerman Max

Grand piano small scale by Maarten Meerman Max

Grand piano and stool 1/144 scale by Maarten Meerman Max

[ 10pm ]

The evening draws to a close, and the piano is finished, including a stool, ready for the pianist to tickle the ivories. I tried tuning it, but then I realized that the tones would be inaudible to us full-scale humans. Click on any of the images for a closer look.

At the 1:144 microminiature scale, the piano is about 10 mm wide (just over 3/8″) wide, which is about 5′, or 150 cm in real life. Time for some Beethoven I think.




  1. Max, what a challenging undertaking a stringed grand piano would be in any scale, let alone in 1:144th! It will be fascinating to see how you go with this.

    1. Thanks! As you can see it is done now, but it did take a bit more time than I had imagined. Happy with the result though. Now I’m looking for a piano tuner.

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      Thanks, I have sent you an email. This one will be exhibited at Place des Arts (placedesarts.ca) later in the year.


  2. Arthur just moved into a room 2,5x3m big (small), and as he’s as studying the piano, he could really use this, to keep up the practise 🙂
    Beethoven was deaf, but maybe if he put this grand piano in his ear, he could have still heard something??

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