Birch-ply furniture

plywood benches

I recently found myself with a lot of left-over birch plywood from a large shelving project. I have to find suitable uses for it. Could it become a table? A bookshelf? I hear they build aircraft from birch ply. After sketching out various options out came a design for a couple of benches. The three layers of birch plywood laminated together for all the pieces made it solid and heavy, but spacing the top up a bit with fiberglass supports brings visual lightness to the shape. Here they are, taken out in the afternoon Sun for a photo shoot in the back yard. The one in front is yet to receive its three coats of varnish, just like its sibling in the back. I’ve tried sitting on them, they take two people with ease each, and they feel as sturdy as they look. For the rest of the wood I’m happy to take orders.

leftover pieces of plywood excess plywood sheets


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