Art studio centerpiece in the making

The original version:

Centerpiece Art in Miniature

It’s February, which can only mean it’s almost time for this year’s MicroMinis 1/144-scale online convention!

Even though it’s a virtual conference, the fact that it’s happening online means that the wide spread of members can access it from all over the world. And as we take our virtual seats at those conference tables, we eagerly anticipate a dozen or so very tangible centerpieces!

One of the pieces still under construction is this wee art studio (about 25 mm or ~1″ across). If you look closely, you’ll see a little tin man sitting to one side. Whether he is waiting for a miniature oil can or a cup of tea, or whether he’s just pondering life as a still, the storyline is up to you… I invite you to add your suggestion now to grow the contents of this scene, which will be fully updated in the next couple of days.

Then it will be winding its way in the official convention-supplied dome to take its place at one of those online tables.


The following day:

Centerpiece Art in Miniature 2

It’s filling up! Thanks to your suggestions, there is now a bench for the artist to rest on, complete with a copy of his favourite newspaper, there’s also a bucket with paint brushes and a scattering of paint tubes. The stove has its chimney, and there’s more brewing…let me know what’s missing from the scene!

That evening:

Centerpiece Art in Miniature 3

With dusk fast approaching, the artist was complaining about the breeze coming off the ocean. It was then I realized I hadn’t provided for protection from the elements. Up went the white-washed wall, turning the artist’s abode into a seaside cabin. All in the name of art. And there’s still some space for more…

Time flies: (and even more, see the latest additions in the video)

Another day, another few additions. The cabin is filling up so much that a simple picture no longer does it justice: bring on the turn table, switch the camera to video mode, and see it from all sides.

Add a bit of sand in front from the beach, a chaise-lounge with cushions for the model to rest on, some rags lying about, a room divider screen should the model wish for some modesty while changing, and even a few coat hangers on the divider to hang clothes on. And now also an umbrella and fish net, a reading light over the chaise-lounge, a coal bucket (with some wood nearby to burn too), even an artistic sculpture and a large portfolio with sketches. Also a blue turned vase in the alcove next to the door, and a red roller blind for the window. See if you can spot them all.

Any more to add? Smaller items I guess, to fill in those last gaps?

Well, it’s a new week, and I have found some empty bookshelf space:

Centerpiece Art in Miniature 8

If you look carefully over the door, you will see some books lying about on the shelf. The dome keeps it all safe, and Lincoln is in attendance to show us its size.

Breaking News:

The souvenir has been found, it was hiding, and now it is in position, just next to the door

souvenir added

It is about 3 x 4 mm, just right for the artist to use.


  1. I think one reason why it looks bare (referring to the comment you made on the list) is the lack of color (except the painting). The “floor” really accents that things are just “put” there rather than “put” in a scene… you have the “props”, which are exquisitely lovely!!!, now the scene around it needs development.

    1. Carolyn,
      I filled it up a bit, and with the wall in place, I would hope it looks more like a scene, thanks for the suggestions.

      1. Looks spectacular now (just watched the video). Whoever wins this will be incredibly lucky. I am going to tell Vinny to steal it and send it to me LOL

      2. Sherry and Carolyn,
        Thanks for the nice comments, but as Vinny does not have a passport, and I live in Canada, I’m afraid that the cunning plan does have a flaw. You will just have to hope and be lucky, and at least it is not up to me to decide who gets it in the end.
        Maybe I will just keep it for myself and send a few printies instead. Saves on mailing cost, and it will stop others from being jealous of each other. Better all round.

  2. Hi…how about a few tubes of paint lying on the floor…under and around the easel…paint brushes in a jar….piles of old newspapers…it looks very good.
    South Africa

    1. Lesia and Erna,
      as you can see paintbrushes, tubes of paint, and a newspaper have been added. Next a few rags, and whatever else everyone comes up with.

  3. This looks wonderful!!!! As to suggestions, I would add paintbrushes, paint tubes or jars, and a few speckled rags (or ones with runs from drying brushes. I really would not want to cover up the floor too much as it lends to the scene. Great mini-making!!!

  4. I am trying figure out what the tin man is doing. Also had to figure out the stove and its pipe.
    And whomever receives it will be lucky indeed.

  5. What an abundance of talent you have, Maarten, We are so very fortunate to have you here to share your creations with us. Thank you

  6. Maarten I love it, so beautifully made and so many details, one very lucky person who will have the real thing but I’ve enjoyed seeing it through the video, thank you.

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