Muddling on


Recently I saw someone struggling with a too-short muddler in a too-tall jug.

As I see it, there are two potential solutions to such a problem:

  1. Select a smaller jug. A quick and easy answer would be to select a different jug from the cupboard. The obvious drawback would be not creating enough of the refreshment to go around.
  2. Create a longer muddler. Go to the workshop, select a suitable piece of wood, use table saw to cut the blank, use lathe to turn the shape, use a carving tool to shape a mertail for a handle, use a different carving tool to make ridges in the business end for muddling, use various grades of sandpaper to smooth the surface, use camera to take photos, find a padded envelop to mail it to the afore-mentioned drinks mixer, use postal system to mail out the birthday present – hopefully in time.

What would you do?


  1. Volgens mijn (school-)woordenboek is de vertaling van muddling o.a. klutsen. . Ben je nu de kluts kwijtgeraakt? Kijk eens onder je stoel op ie daar ligt..
    Het ding ziet er weer fantastisch uit.

  2. What I’d do? I’d go down on my knees in front of the mailbox and be the happy one to see it drop through the slot! :)) Why smaller jugs? You’re right, we shouldn’t be drinking mixers.

  3. It has arrived! September 10. And it’s great. It fits the jar. What a beautiful shape you gave it. We feel honored having it. And happy. Thank you brother.

    1. Great, although seven weeks shipping time looks like surface, and I did send it airmail.
      Happy muddling, sorry that BBQ season is a bit over now.
      The fishtail is especially shaped to hold between thumb and index finger for easy pressure.

      Gefeliciteerd dus.

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