Pencils at the Pencil

Last night I was honoured to be invited to The Pencil Studio in Fort Langley to hear a talk by world-famous pencil sculptor, Dalton M. Ghetti, and to admire his work live and close-up. He carves amazing sculptures using nothing but his hands, a small carving knife, and his imagination – and a supply of old pencils. He told us that he never, ever bought a pencil, but uses the discarded ends that he finds. Or one of the steady stream of supplies his fans around the world send him through the mail.

His work has been covered in many publications, but even the best photographs only barely prepare you for seeing the real item. Next to a large photo to show the amazing detail that he has preciously carved out of a pencil lead, we were treated to the tiny and exquisitely carved hammer original. Those photos are all you are able to buy by the way, as he has decided long ago to never sell any of his carvings. He lends them to museums and exhibits at times. If you ever get a chance to see them for real, do so. It is well worth it. It’s the only way to really feel the connection with the years of effort that some of those pieces take.

graphite goblet
In his honour I turned a little goblet on the tip of a pencil. Turning with a nanolathe is entirely different from the hand carving that Dalton does, but this way there is a connection.


  1. Awesome that The Pencil Studio invited this amazing Artist (with a capital A) to give a lecture and you were able to attend. His work, imagination and creativity has been a huge inspiration for me to continue on the path of hand carving. Increase skills and decrease scale 🙂

    I’m glad you were able to see him and his work in person. Cos no matter how great the pictures of his art might be, nothing beats the appreciation you can feel seeing it in real!

  2. Thank you for attending the event with Dalton Ghetti – He truly is an amazing Artist! And Maarten, I think Dalton was thrilled to get one of your pieces!!!

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