No gardening without a trowel

Broken gardening trowel

This is not what a friend’s garden trowel should look like, especially in early June, when its services are called for. After years of hard yard labour, the handle succumbed beyond repair.

Maple turned handle

I quickly shaped a piece of maple from the scrap bin on the lathe to fit both hand and metal, then cleaned the spade ready for re-assembly. The original stainless steel rivet was intact and I straightened it for reuse.

As good as new trowel

A push and a shove to put the handle in place, then I drilled a hole for the rivet, and a few carefully aimed blows with a hammer locked the rivet back into place to hold it all together for hopefully many years to come.


    1. and just off to do a day of microturning demonstration at west coast miniature and dollhouse show in Burnaby near Vancouver.

      1. Cool, could turn out be an amazing day! Enjoy all your encounters Max, wish I was there too. I would have loved to see you at work.

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