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Many handifolk will have an old battery drill lying in the back of a shelf, collecting dust on account of its worn-out battery. The battery has stopped holding charge, and any attempt at putting in a screw with it will stop halfway, with that sigh coming from the drill’s gears as the last  few volts give up the ghost.

I find that I use battery drills mostly in the workshop, preferably with several at hand with a drill bit in one, a countersink bit in the next, and a screwdriver bit in yet another one.

If only I had that many serviceable drills. But, rather than buy new ones, old ones without batteries can be picked up second-hand for pennies. A bit of wood, a few strips of metal, and some electric wire from an old dollar-store extension lead make for a virtual replacement battery. The wood carved to fit the battery hole, the metal strips screwed to the wood in the location of the power connections inside the drill, and the wire connected to the metal strips. I then simply place the wooden battery into the drill, connect the other end of the wire to any old 12V power supply (maybe a car battery charger), and the never-run-empty drill is ready for use. With the wire long enough, I can reach anywhere in the shop, and use it all day. I have several, and without the battery they are also nice and light to hold.

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  1. It’s a beautifull solution, but I presume, I have the best solution for the problem. Use always a hand screwdriver. Brings more blood to your muscles and so keep the boss healthy and young and moreover it gives you the best feeling how the screw fits in the material..
    So I can say I ‘m not 83 but 33 with 50 years of experience

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