What’s a nostepinne?


You’d be forgiven for thinking this might be a spurtle to stir orange spaghetti 🙂

The nostepinne or nøstepinde (“nest stick”) is a tapered handle on which to wind yarn and produce cakes of wool. (There’s definitely a food theme going on here.) Compared to the tightly wound ball shown with the knitting needles, a nostepinne forms a hollow nest, giving the knitter easy access to the centre and the other end of the yarn. Now you can unravel the ball from the inside out while you knit, so it won’t roll away and tempt the cats to play!

This maple stick was turned using only a roughing gouge, and – as per the challenge – no sandpaper was used to smooth its surface.

The yarn is spun, now who will knit me a Dutch touque?


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