Before digital, cameras had manual exposure setting

mechanical repair of camera pin

A colleague had ordered a replacement part for his venerable camera and after waiting a year for it to arrive, he decided it was time to ask for professional help. The exposure adjuster was supposed to have a tiny pin protruding from it, driving the internal mechanisms to the correct setting. Sadly, this pin had succumbed to years of operation, and only a small speck of steel remained well lodged in the back of the knob.

After some discussion about being able to shift the indicator, the Chief Engineer at Nanotray took it into the workshop where he marked and drilled a new miniature hole next to the remains of the old pin at the same radial distance and exactly vertical. Then he made a new pin to match, which he fixed in place and then ground to the exact length. The only thing left to do was to take a photo of the completed part before reuniting another happy photographer with his means to do the same.

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  1. Funny you should talk about a manual camera. I’ve been giving my closeted SLR lots of thought, lately.

    If it turns, clicks, snaps, whirs, cracks, it seems you are able to fix it. I salute thee.

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