A Sunny Garden for Winter

Today’s weather here was snow, rain, sleet, wind and hail. Great time to go into the studio and finish that sunny garden in my favorite 1/144 scale. I am thinking whether to keep this one for myself or let it be a prize at this year’s microminiature convention instead.

For the moment it sits in my display alcove, and I can dream of sitting on that bench with my feet in the stream, reading a book in the Sun.

Your suggestions please………


  1. Fantastic! You sure do incredible work. Would be nice to put this as a door prize or a raffle item for the online convention.

  2. It is beautiful Maarten and I understand why you want to keep it, but think of me winning it in the raffle my eyes glaze over with the joy of it and I am such a happy bunny …….zzzzzzzz oops sorry was I snoring, but daydreams are wonderful.

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