Absolute pin

Imagine a table half the size of a coffee bean. All four turned and carved table legs together about the thickness of a piece of uncooked spaghetti. On that table sits a game board roughly the width of a grain of rice. And on that board sit 32 turned and carved boxwood and ebony pieces, each about half the diameter of a pin. These pieces are varnished in place to quite literally pin them down.

Chess game

Yes, the game table (and working drawer), which is based on “The Chess Players” by Thomas Eakins, is finished. As are the chess pieces, which started out at half a millimetre in diameter, before they were whittled down to a more acceptable ratio (as you can see in the top, left-hand picture) and a mere 0.35 mm. Made in the traditional materials for the game, they sit proudly on a 3.175 mm (1/8th of an inch) chess board whose individual squares measure 0.39 mm (1/64th of an inch).

The setup is four moves into the game. Any guesses as to which famous match this is? First correct comment on this post can look forward to a hand-carved King or Queen playing its way into your possession.


    1. Hi Francie,

      I must let you into a little secret. Under duress I had to hide the winning entry to allow friends of the winner to still keep guessing.
      It is a real game from the 1800s. I could by now spill the beans if you want…..

  1. That’s fine. I was gonna say it KINDA looks like the game between Napoleon and Bertrand in 1820… But, I know it’s not. Anyway the detail is beautiful, the size is awe-inspiring. I make miniatures as well, and I’m hoping to get into this scale. I want to make a dollhouse for my daughters’ dollhouse…lol!

    1. There is a group on Yahoo called microminis; they deal with 144 scale, and there you can find information about where to find kits.
      It is The Immortal Game, 1851.

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