Ask Max

If you’re curious about what I do, just ask!

  1. Jupiter probeSo as a rocket scientist you design spacecraft?

    My day job includes designing space vehicles and figuring out orbital dynamics so in my spare time I build models of the spacecraft that have gone into orbit or that live in my imagination.

  2. What’s your connection to the ballet world?

    ballet festival

    My daughter introduced me to the world of bun heads and barres and the rest is history!
    Here’s a selection of free-standing wooden ballet barres which combine function with form.

  3. Your miniature woodturnings come in all sizes, ranging from dollhouse to invisible?mini chess

    I was challenged to turn something small and I’m still refining the word “small”. However, some of my furniture is life size (and not just for ants)!

  4. Who do you create your miniatures for?

    Some of my work is on display, some of it is commissioned and there’s always someone in the family who has a birthday coming up!

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  5. Can we see you in action?

    There are some videos here and check the events for live demos.

  6. How can I contact you?

    Feel free to email me or join in the fun on:


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